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Type Online Community
Founder Holden
Area served Worldwide
Key people Holden (Founder and Owner/Web Designer)
Registration Not Required
Users 139 (as of November 2012)
Available in English
Launched July 10th, 2010 (Orra), October 11th, 2010 (Aura)
Current status Closed

AuraScene was founded on July 10th, 2010, but it was known as Orra at the time. This site was made because of another Community Called Drekly, which was failing. Then after we had a shut down in September due to inactivity, it was the movie "The Social Network" that made this site go back up. This site was originally hosted on AuraGaming's Server until we got a message that we would get shut down due to using most of its CPU/RAM and bottlenecking(slowing down) other websites on that server. So then it was hosted on Holden's Computer until we got a VPS (Virtual Private Server) and which where Aura was being hosted on. We also have a problem with the VPS giving Memory Leaks due to the old script we used (Social Engine V3.20) we now have a new script thats faster on the server and easier to edit than ever. This is what makes up Aura and make it soo amazing. Why we changed the name from Orra to Aura was because of an asshole named Benjamin Moore reported our Old site and site Name to try to get it to shut down, so after that scare i changed the Domain. Then Aura Closed in January 2011, since then we switched back to Social Engine v3.20 and be working on the ultimate look for Aura. On May 1st, 2011 we changed the name from Aura to AuraScene, this is because we needed to get a .com domain so we wanted to make something that was original and different. on July 14th, 2011 was purchased and will be used when AuraScene opens up. As of August 2011 from what people are seeing and hearing the site will be back up really soon as Invite-only similar to Google+. There has also been talk about a new redesign of AuraScene, to change it for good, using a new Framework, and possibly a lot of custom features that you will not find anywhere. As of November 1st, 2012, Holden decided to shut down AuraScene for good, it was starting to become inactive, and the page views were super low in the last 6 months.

There was a plan to possibly make AuraScene again, but have it towards a different audience. Mostly to a general audience.

Statistics for AuraScene

  • All of this Data came from the Admin Panel, the Views may not be 100% Accurate.


  • Users: 24
  • # of Comments: N/A
  • Average # of Page Views: N/A


  • Users: 131
  • # of Comments: 7,035
  • Average # of Page Views: 3,588


  • Users: 139
  • # of Comments: 7,080
  • Average # of Page Views: 1,835

Staff Members

  • Holden - 2010 - Nov 2012 (Founder/Owner/Web Designer)
  • Ricky G E - 2010 - Nov 2012 (Admin)

Past Staff Members

  • mroldskool - 2010 (Admin)
  • Abby F - 2010 (Admin)
  • T Ray - 2010 (Admin)
  • Kyle B - 2010 (Admin)
  • Cheyenne J - 2010 - 2011 (Admin)
  • Brandon S - 2010 - 2011 (Admin)