From AuraGaming
Born April 17, 1994 (1994-04-17) (age 27)
Nationality English, French
Other names L337, sk8er132, Hlaplante
Education High School, Class of 2012
Occupation Community Owner of Aura Gaming, Web Designer, Gamer
Known for Community Owner of Aura Gaming, and Founder of AuraScene
AuraScene.com YouDoneGoofd.com Bro-Craft.org

Holden is the Community Owner of Aura Gaming and the Founder and Web Designer of AuraScene.


Holden has been around computers since he was 18 months old, only thing he could do was turn it on and double click on an icon on the desktop that was a Toy Story Game. He Started to get into fixing, repairing, and customizing computers during the summer of 2007. He has also been online since 2006 chatting on a site called JustaChat, it was an IRC Chatting service that he was very well known on. His first Social Network he joined was called Piczo then after awhile he joined MySpace and has been on it until it Died (or at less it hasnt died yet) because of Facebook, he is now currently using facebook and many other social networks. During the Summer of 2008 was when he started getting into online gaming and learning HTML/PHP with DreamWeaver (a web design program) couldnt do much with PHP since he didnt know what to use it for. For the last 3 years he has been online 24/7 learning about Technology and Computers in general to get a career in something with computers, mostly programming though.