Sasha Johnson

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Sasha Johnson
Nationality FAKER
Other names CookieThief, Cookie
Known for Terrible GM for HoldenMS and AuraStory

Sasha Johnson was a GM for HoldenMS Back in 2010, along with AuraStory. Later on, we found that this person was a fake, we are not 100% who the person really was.


On November 11, 2010, L337 Discovered that Sasha Johnson was a fake

Chat Log from MSN with Sasha Johnson

Holden says (12:45 PM)ur a smart person =P

sasha johnson says (12:45 PM)ya thanks for lieing lol

Holden says (12:46 PM)np i have a pic to show u

sasha johnson says (12:46 PM)k?

Holden says (12:46 PM) look at the top left

sasha johnson says (12:47 PM)what is it?

Holden says (12:47 PM)its an advert from a site i was on

sasha johnson says (12:47 PM)wth!that person looks like me!

Holden says (12:47 PM)it is u dumbass =P ur a FAKE!i just proved it plus

Holden says (12:48 PM)on orra i was looking throught files

sasha johnson says (12:48 PM)plus?

Holden says (12:48 PM)and saw collegehumor in front of the name meaning UR A FAKE!!!!

sasha johnson says (12:48 PM)aw little holden u finally catch on

Holden says (12:48 PM)yeah i actually found this a few weeks ago

sasha johnson says (12:48 PM)i knew u would find out soon

Holden says (12:49 PM)soo good job =P and have fun being blocked/deleted

sasha johnson says (12:49 PM)ya ya..

sasha johnson said (12:49 PM)how i knew u stop talking