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This is an ongoing list of every staff member that has ever been on Aura Gaming. If someone has been left out, please mention this in the discussion page.

Community Owners

  • Cody - 2008 (Founder)
  • L337 - 2010 (first term), 2010 - 2011 (second term)
  • Sheep - 2008 - 2009
  • Stylo - 2010 (first & second terms)

Forum Head Admins

Forum SuperMods

Minecraft BETA (2011)

Minecraft Beta was the last server Aura Gaming hosted. The first time (Feb 2011 - March 2011) it was owned by T Ray and then the Second time (July 2011) was owned by L337.

Head Admins



(Admins are not listed here, although they all were mods previously, with the exception of Flufflestiltskin and AlphaSierra15)

Moderators are listed here with a number(s) in parenthesis, indicating which server they were active on.

  • Aerialrocket (1, 2)
  • dakker06 (1)
  • Iron_Block123 (1)
  • PaladinPride (1, 2)
  • purplekirby54 (1, 2)
  • TryAgain14 (1, 2)
  • Rat5000 (1)
  • retart441 (sheep) (1)
  • rickykoter (1)
  • Doomz95 (1, 2)

Minecraft Classic (2010-2011)

Minecraft Classic was a series of servers on Aura Gaming on Minecraft 0.30. There were three servers:

  • Aura City (Server) - a large "city" built mainly by the admins, it was the first server and was not the main, highly populated one.
  • Aura Gaming Anything Goes - sometimes titled "Aura Gaming Everything Goes," this was a server that later became a rule-free server, causing it to become heavily griefed.
  • Aura Gaming Freebuild, a more controlled map with rules which ended up replacing the "Anything Goes" map.


  • L337 (2010-2011) (Owner)
  • Stylo (2010-2011) (Head admin)
  • T Ray (2010-2011) (Regular level admin)


  • gow2yo (2011)
  • Marcus101RR (2011)

Modern Warfare 2 Private Server (2010)

MW2 Private Server was created for the purpose of getting players and hoping to play with people for the hell of it. Sadly it didnt get its full potential, due to a bug in the server source to make it LAN Only and not for the actual Internet, There has been talk as well for redoing the server files and making it work, or just scratching it off the list of servers to never get online.


San Andreas Multiplayer (2009-2010)

Aura Gaming SAMP was a bunch of servers created on Aura Gaming for the San Andreas Multiplayer mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It was recreated many times:

  • 2009 (Original) - The most successful server, it was owned by then-community owner Sheep. As said, it was the most successful server, reaching nearly 15 active players daily, but had to be closed down due to financial issues.
  • 2009 ("Aura Gaming Apocalypse") - While the server was somewhat promoted, the map never got off the ground, and was scrapped before completion.
  • 2010 (Rebirth) - Restarted by Stylo and T Ray, the server was created when the community restarted in early 2010. It almost achieved the success of the original server from 2009, but failed due to a random drop in activity in the community.
  • 2010 (other rehashes) - 2010 saw many other restarts of the server, but it was usually just admins doing mass-RP, such as Team Rhino.

Head Admins


Game Masters

This section needs improvement and expansion.

  • Dirty Sanchez

AuraStory (2010)

AuraStory was a server by L337 during 2010. It met some good success, and was nearly restarted later in the year.


Game Masters

This section needs improvement and expansion. - Calls L337's Name on it

World of Warcraft (2008, 2009)

World of Warcraft was the first game supported by Aura Gaming when it started:

  • 2008 - First Aura Gaming server, owned by Cody.
  • 2009 - Started after the SAMP server of the summer of 2009, it had a decent run for a month. Owned by Sheep.
  • 2010 - Though it never got off the ground, T Ray did work on getting a server restarted.


This section needs improvement and expansion.

Counter Strike: Source (2008, 2009, 2010)

Also one of the first servers in Aura Gaming, CS:S has had multiple short times on Aura Gaming:

  • 2008 - Also one of the first servers in Aura Gaming, presumably owned by Cody.
  • 2009 - Started at the same time as the World of Warcraft server of the same time, it was owned by Sheep.
  • 2010 - Started by Cody, it was only around for a very short time.


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Other servers and more not listed above.

Nerd Violence Subclan (2010)

This section needs improvement and expansion.

Only around for a very short time, the N.v sub-clan of Aura Gaming was lead by Ravage, along with a few other members of the clan.

Aura Hotel (2010)

This section needs improvement and expansion.

Aura Hotel was a Habbo Hotel server by Aura Gaming that was extremely close to completion. It didn't make it out of "open beta." This was due to a loss of interest as well as VPS/MySQL problems, which caused the Aura Hotel site to have problems.


Ventrilo (2008-2010)

Everybody knows what Ventrilo is!


TeamSpeak (2011)

Everybody knows what TeamSpeak is! It was, however, a very short lived server on Aura Gaming during the first Minecraft beta server.