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Nationality Indie
Other names Devante, mroldskool
Education High School, Class of 2012
Occupation retired
Known for Community Owner of Aura Gaming (2010)
Head Admin (2009-2011)

Stylo is a dude who likes really good music you've probably never heard of, Starbucks coffee, plaid shirts, and Ray-Bans. Nah but for real, we'll do a serious page this time. I'll be working on it since it's a lazy-ass summer, man.

Joining Aura Gaming

During the Summer of Chillwave (2009 for you mainstream folk), Stylo was part of a community called Valhalla Gaming with Sheep, T Ray, Swiss, and Ed. It was a SAMP community, and they had a faction on the server called SCC. After that gangs original disbandment, Swiss told Stylo about "Joe's server," which turned out to be Aura Gaming.

Early involvement

Stylo quickly climbed the ranks in Aura Gaming, starting out as a high level admin. During that summer, he became such a high level admin that he even dealt with the infamous Xerona.

Community ownership

After Aura Gaming closed in late 2009, Stylo and T Ray reopened Aura Gaming.

i'll write more later